For Admission to B.Sc. (Honours) Computer Science programme

Objectives :

  • Graduates will have skills and knowledge to excel in their professional career in Computer Applications and related disciplines.
  • Graduates will practice lifelong learning for continuing professional development into leaders.
  • Graduates will contribute and communicate effectively within the team to grow into leaders.
  • Graduates will contribute to the growth of the nation and society by applying acquired knowledge in technical, computing and managerial skills.Demonstrating sound knowledge in key areas of computer science or industrial computing.

Admission to the B.Sc. Computer Science programme is based on the following criteria:

  • The candidate must have graduated from a recognized high school.
  • He or she must have taken Science (PCM) in 12th grade.
  • Admission is preferred for those who have Computer Science as one of their 12th-grade subjects.

Minimum duration of course :

3yrs. (6 semesters)

Classes :

There will be around 45 hours of classes for each 100marks paper in semester.