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Industry Connect

Looking at the rapidly changing dynamics of the corporate world and with a view to empowering our students with the current and updated scenario, the corporate big wigs are invited on a regular basis for interaction with the students. Corporate personnel from different sectors like banking, FMCG, investment, Training and consultancy, Core Sectors, FMCD, Insurance, IT, ITES etc., visit the campus and interact with the students. It helps the students to co-relate the theoretical aspects taught in the classroom with real happening in day-to-day business, thus accelerating their core competencies. As a result the students after graduating successfully feel comfortable to work in multidimensional sectors with different domains. Thus, they get the synergy of capacity building and empowerment.

A National Webinar was organized by USBM college on the topic “New Age Workforce Challenges: Post COVID-19 Pandemic Scenario” by Mr. Manash Pradhan, Program Manager(Deloitte)

A National Webinar was organized by USBM college on the topic  “Challenges & Opportunities within Management Block Post COVID Scenario” by Ms. Asha Jharana Mohapatra, Asst. Manager (World Trade Center) Odisha

A National Webinar was organized by USBM college on the topic  “ICT Enabled Education: A priority in the Current Era”  by Professor   Rudra Prakash Pradhan Ph.D.(IIT Kharagpur), Associate Professor, Vinod Gupta School of Management, Program Officer, National Social Scheme

A Seminar was organised on the topic Recruitment Opportunity for Management Students By Amiya Patnaik, Executive Director (HR,ADMIN )(NALCO)

A Seminar was organized by USBM on Export Awareness  by Mr. Subir Singh Badhal, ITS, Jt. Director General of Foreign  Mr. Ramesh kumar Mohapatra, State Head, Federation Of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)

A Webinar was organized by USBM college on the topic  Financial Market:” Challenges in Covid-19 Pandemic Scenario”  Mr. Pankak Srivastav, Finance Expert BSE, Mumbai Mr.Raghunandan Pattanaik Finance Expert and National Trainer ,BSE

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